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Welsh Bunny Escort Reviews

  • It was my great privilege to meet Mya for the first time a few days ago. Mya is one of the hidden treasures of this agency. I saw her for the first time in a joint meeting with Sasha. Sasha wore one of her more exotic outfits; Mya was in a dress that emphasised her lovely curves, light chocolate skin, sparkling eyes, full lips and and hour-glass figure. She complemented the more voluptuous Sasha perfectly in her outfit. Her manner was professional, kind and always served with a winning smile. But be warned! She also has a very frank side, and a saucy sense of humour, which can be very disarming. The ninety minutes in the company of these two lovely ladies passed very quickly (and, again, there was no clock-watching – nothing was hurried). Everything about the experience was enjoyable and memorable in equal measure. Indeed the pleasure was so great and so prolonged, the experience so intense that the wait before seeing these two gorgeous, witty and charming ladies again is more than I can bear. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • I had the pleasure of meeting up with Krystal recently. Like many who work with Welsh Bunnies she is a credit to her organisation (and to her boss, Carmen Savannah). The hour we spent together was a real treat. She herself is everything you might want in an escort, a pretty face, a curvy body and an adventurous temperament. She is real firecracker when you talk to her and get to know her better – she is eager to please and extremely helpful when it comes to getting exactly what you want out of the experience. The experience was, as always, a delight. Welsh Bunnues really is an inexhaustible treasure house of pleasure!
  • This was my first visit to Krystal and what a special treat I had! She welcomed me as a long lost friend and was dressed to kill. Her figure was something to die for and the attention she gave me was absolutely special. Will I come back? - the answer is obviously a big yes and will be as soon as time permits. Thanks again Krystal- you are special.
  • It was my first meeting with Mya. I found her to be kind, considerate and classy. She blew me away with her ability to connect with me on every level which made our meeting even more special.... I was greeted to a room with candle light and soft music that immediately put me at ease and ready to escape the stresses of the week.... I was invited to take a shower to freshen up then we relaxed and talked and thoroughly enjoyed each others company, we laughed and joked and i didn't want our time together to end. She has the fittest body Ive ever seen. and her photos really dint do her justice. From start to finish I enjoyed my experience with Mya. She always gave me her full attention and satisfied my every desire over and over.... it was full of wild experience and lots of pleasure. I will definitely be seeing Mya again as she fullfills my needs and is a wonderful companion.
    Vernon: 2 hours with Mya, May 2015
  • Hey Alexis, This is probably not your normal message but I just wanted to say thank you. I've met someone now and that's something I would never have done without you. You gave me confidence and belief in myself again to go out and be me. It was without doubt the best bottle of prossecco shared. Perhaps one day you can come and join us both! But thank you again, I wouldn't be here without you.
  • Without going into detail, my acquaintance with Lara came at very short notice. My hesitant self perhaps showed a little as we first greeted each other - but having enjoyed past experiences with the ladies of Welsh Bunnies, I realised that we were going to share a meeting that ebbed away at the pressures of time and brought out the best in us. In many ways, I met two sides of Lara - both as delectable and desirable as one another. The first Lara has such a wonderful grasp of empathy and consideration - genuine and down to Earth. When you see such a beautiful, curvaceous woman on the outside, discovering their inner self can be even more revealing. I can safely say she is a gentle type who will ease you into the best conversation and seek out whatever concerns you may have. What of the other Lara? Having learnt of her soft side, even I was surprised by how much of a temptress she can become - as our time together passed , my eyes barely kept off hers as she grew more flirtatious and lustful with her way of words taking on ever more colourful and suggestive meaning. The result was a truly breathtaking encounter. I have always been more mindful about taking a more slow and sensual route, but the tempo grew even more than I could ever have dreamt of. A valuable lesson well learnt - that in an ardent situation, it's probably for the best to get carried away. As a friend or something more, it would be easy to yearn for Lara in your life - she is every bit charming and respectful as she is a sultry, red blooded female. I couldn't have asked for anything else more from a chance meeting. Where did it all go right?
  • This is a first timer speaking. I had never sought companionship of this nature and understandably didn't fully know what to expect. Such nerves are natural and can never truly be hidden. But they can be dealt with when you encourage yourself just a little to give something a try regardless of your anxiety. I can say with confidence that those nerves died out quickly when I first met Lara. While the man she met may have been a tad reserved to begin with, the woman I met went out of her way from the start to make me feel so relaxed, to gain confidence and to slowly fall into making a deep amorous connection with her. And when you really develop a passion with Lara you end up with such an incredible feeling. Our meeting point was clean, comfortable and safe - and for any visitor to the bay couldn't be much easier to find. The welcome was as warm and comforting, even soothing, as one could hope for - it's professional but never feels too business like. The lady who awaits you is beautiful in every trait - I'm tempted to call her unquestionably, perfect. She is happy to fit her personality around your persuasions -sensual and seductive or maybe a little decadent. I am not someone who fusses over what they want - but the lady I met was quick to win me over. Her wardrobe, her figure and her voice are arresting in every sense - and her gentle character persuades the mind. That day in her company left me with a smile as glowing as hers. I could wax lyrical about Lara day after day - every second with her you can never forget. There are so many qualities - cordial, carnal and more - that anyone would long to find in a woman. The first timer well never again feel they are stepping into the unknown with trepidation. The experience is only the part of it - the contentment you'll feel long after will always fill you with wonder. And it's all because of Lara - truly one of Wales' best kept secrets.
  • Hi Jessica, Just wanted to thank you once again for a truly wonderful and memorable time, you are a very special person and you made me feel very comfortable. This might have been my first time but it won't be my last :-) Take care angel until next time. Lots of hugs and kisses.
  • Niko is a rose amongst the thorns, a ray of sunshine through a cloudy sky, a rare bit of Welsh magic. Her companionship is second to none - bubbly, eager to please and, above all else, has eyes that could launch a thousand ships. Her time is more expensive than most, but her service is extraordinary.
  • Wow... I've just had a 2 hr date with Jessica up in York, England and I was bowled over by her company. She was everything and more her profile describes. Her picture do not do her justice and I would recommend booking her if you want to feel special. She has just made my weekend don't think it can get better... Thank you jess :) see you next time your touring!